A Quoi Sa Sert L’Amour ?!

jenial 🙂 Love za voice, za story and za lyrics.

What good is it, love?

What good is it, love?
People are always telling their
foolish stories.
But what good is it, love?

Love can’t be explained.
It comes, just like that,
from where no one knows
and suddenly it takes hold.
Me, I’ve heard it said
that it makes you suffer,
it makes you cry,
what good is it?

what good is it?
It brings us joy
with tears in our eyes.
It is sad and marvelous.
People say its’ a deceiver,
that there is one in every pair
who is never happy.

Even when one has lost
a love one knew,
there is a taste of honey,
love the eternal.

That’s all very pretty,
but when all is over and done,
it leaves you nothing
but a huge unhappiness.

All that now seems to
be tearing you apart,
tomorrow will be
a memory of pure joy.

All in all, if I understand it,
without love in your life,
without its joys and sadness,
you’ve lived for nothing.
Ah yes. Look at me.
I have believed in it every time
and will believe always.
That is what love is for.

But you, you are the last.
You are the first.
Before you there was nothing.
With you I feel fine.

It is you who I want,
You who I need,
You whom I will love always,
That’s what love is for.



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