It’s time for Love and it’s time to wake up

Through TWITTER I’m daily connected with a lot of interesting people and I’m always curious to find out new things about people that live next me or far away. Our planet is our home and it’s our job to take good care of her, but we suck at this job and it’s like we are blind, we cannot see that the Earth is suffering and it needs to awake our consciousness and start doing something about it.
I think and I hope that you have seen Zeitgeist, made by producer Peter Joseph. The subject is pretty interesting and it makes you doubt a lot of things. Some of the content was slightly exaggerated as the producer lately admitted, but still, it’s a fascinating documentary and it’s worth watching.
Lately I discovered a new video added on YouTube and shared on Twitter and I’m sharing it with you guys. It’s part of the Zeitgeist Movement.



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