Primul guest post – Ioana Bogdan

Pe Ioana am cunoscut-o pe 27 noiembrie 2009 in Bucuresti, inainte de un DJ Set al preacunoscutului ATB in Krystal. Nu am discutat mai nimic atunci dar asa s-a intamplat ca am contactat-o in legatura cu pozele de la eveniment si de atunci vorbim pe YM.

Am share-uit bune si mai putin bune, mi-a dat sfaturi si am pierdut nopti discutand vrute si nevrute.

Mi-e draga.

Ioana e inteleapta si rabdatoare; face poze in timpul liber si studiaza Psihologia. Are un motanel (Tomita) gusturi bune la muzica si simtul umorului.

In urmatoarele randuri, Ioana ma onoreaza cu o parte de suflet scrisa in engleza.

I’m almost 23 (-5 days) and I have some things that I would like to share. simple words. Maybe I’ve heard these lines before, maybe I’ve found them hidden somewhere inside of me.

All I know is that I’ve learned by experience the meaning of what I’m about to say.

And there’s still so much to learn.

  1. I believe you never know how something feels like until it happens to you. This is why I will never have the answers to all my questions, I can always be wrong and I will never know everything or pretend that I’ve experienced all the lessons life has reserved.
  2. If you take a simple picture today, a year from now, that image will mean so much more. Because it will be something beyond the pixels that you see. It will be the feeling & the mood that defined your world in that particular moment when the picture was taken.
  3. Don’t judge experiences by their ending.
  4. More than solutions to their problems, people need understanding.
  5. Follow your own road and don’t get distracted by shinny, pretty, colourful appeareances.
  6. You don’t need a complicated answer for a complicated question.
  7. A good film takes you to one of those places you find yourself missing once in a while, although you’ve never actually been there.
  8. Z can be all the things that Y is not, but Z can’t be all the things that Y is.
  9. Wait.
  10. You don’t know what God knows.
  11. Every small step counts.
  12. There is a perfect imperfection that you fail to see while searching for a non-existent perfection. What is ‘perfection’?
  13. Everyone tends to forget that no thing is for granted and no thing lasts forever.
  14. Say more often ‘now!’ instead of ‘later!’.
  15. Forgive. Be at peace with yourself & with others.
  16. Take lots of photos. After a while, they’re the only thing you have left.
  17. Write down your thoughts. A piece of paper can be a great listener.
  18. Explore.
  19. Stay healthy. love your body, love yourself, eat well, drink tea & exercise. forget about miracle diets.                    You can be your own miracle.
  20. Dream. Believe. Pray.
  21. Spend more time with your family.
  22. Listen to good & meaningful music.
  23. Listen to your heart.


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