Interview with Marko [GRAMOPHONEDzIE]

Duminica, 26 februarie am postat pe blog „Evenimentul primaverii la Cluuj” si spre finalul postarii m-am gandit sa-i scriu managerului lui Marko (Sasha Gjurgjevik) sa-l intreb daca e posibil sa ii iau un fan interviu lui Marko. Mi-a raspuns a doua zi zicand: Da, nicio problema. k

Vineri pe la 18 am ajuns la Hotel Premier si l-am asteptat pe Marko in lobby, apoi am mers la restaurant unde am baut cateo cafea si am povestit ca doi pretini care nu s-au mai vazut de ceva timp.

SO, ladies and gentlemans, here it is:

1. Do you remember your first set in a club, how was it?

M: My first set in a club? Well actually it was not a club, it was more of a bar. First time it was kinda bad for me, I was really scared because my first appearance was in UK and it was more like an accident of playing than a real gig. (this happened 16-17 years ago)

2. From all your songs, which song describes you and why?

M: From all my tracks, probably: ”Street Lady” .I think that’s the track that is me, totally.

3. Do you have a guilty pleasure?

M: Oh yea, a lot of guilty pleasures  :). Besides food, a lot of food, well… Now, I think is just food. Back in the days I had many different things, but now is just food.  I like sushi very much, but I like to cook so I like to explore and change and try to blend some recipes and make something my own.

4. What artists/bands do you listen in your spare time?

M: To be honest, I don’t listen at all because I don’t have time, but, there are a lot of bands that I like.  There are a few bands from home that I really like. There is a band from Bosnia called Dubioza Kolectiv and they are becoming really big. They are about to release a new album for the guy from Faith No More (the bassist).

5. What’s the biggest party you played at?

M: The biggest party I think it was in Brazil – Sao Paolo, last year or two years ago.  50.000-60.000 people.

6. Disadvantages of the best job (DJ) ?

M: The thing is that you never have enough time to sleep and you sleep everywhere you can. Another disadvantage is that you don’t have much time to go around and see the cities. I traveled the world two times, I think, and I didn’t get to see much.

7. Do you have any idea how many planes you’ve changed since you started DJ-ing?

M: I didn’t take notice for last year, but for 2010 I know I took 173 gigs, so, 173 planes.

8. Where was “No Sugar” filmed and did you help with ideas?

M: Actually I didn’t have any connection with “No Sugar”.  I mean I didn’t have any influence in the video or anything. I wasn’t there when it was filmed. The same happened with “Why Don’t You”, because when you are a DJ you don’t really have time to go and film everything.  It’s important to me that the video is good, I always have a storyboard and I check it just to know what is happening.  The whole story around “No Sugar” track is actually about Joey Negro because he got the original track from Shea Soul, the singer, and then he started producing it and record it and he called me to produce the track. He was the main person so I just let him and his label to do what they had to do.

9. Do you prefer open air parties or club like parties?

M: Sometimes you like to be intimate –  have just a few people –  and sometimes you just wanna steam off and play like for fifty thousand people, so I like them both.  Maybe just a little bit, I like clubs more because my music and my style is more for clubs.

10. Do you have a favorite DJ?

M: My all time favorite DJ is DJ HYPE (plays jungle and Drum and bass, hip-hop). When I was 12 years old he was playing open air somewhere in UK and I really loved it and every time I listen to it, for the last twenty years he’s always good and I always have a big pleasure listening to him.  Also from house I like Derrick Carter, DJ Sneak, DJ Mes, there are a lot of DJ that I really like.

11. Do you have any ritual before getting on the stage, at the decks?

M: Actually no, I mean, if you can call a ritual the fact that I always like to get in the party at least one hour before I have to play, just to feel the crowd/the vibe.

12. What was your highlight of 2011?

M: Hmm, there were a few highlights of last year, but I like how ”No Sugar” went down, it went very well because I wasn’t expecting that it will go that good. I thought that people will go: ah, it’s just another jazzy track; but people kinda love it. A highlight for me is definitely Japan. I went for the first time in my life in Japan and it was one of the things that I always had on my to-do list in life.

13. Do you think you will ever have another hit as big as “Why Don’t You”?

M: I don’t think so, but you never know. I never thought that “Why Don’t You” will be a hit, it just happened. The thing is that I just do the things that I like, I did that track because I liked it and I’m doing all the other tracks because I like them. So, if people feel something again like they felt with “Why Don’t You”, then it will happen. But I think that something like “Why Don’t You” will never happen again, I think it’s once in a lifetime thing.

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